The Global mobile Supplier Association (GSA) has published the Magister’s first white paper entitled “Techno-economics of ubiquitous LTE coverage: case of UK”.

This white paper examines the economic feasibility of ubiquitous LTE coverage. Wider coverage requires high investment cost, while at the same time it grows the market size. A good understanding of the relationship between costs and revenues supports the investment decision-making process. The purpose of this paper is to accurately quantify the marginal cost and revenue of mobile data. The cost and revenue models are applied to UK’s mobile data market. The results show that operators could deploy wider LTE network coverage and profitably provide mobile data services everywhere.

This business research is part of the PoDoCo/TE-NGMN project (PostDoc in Companies/Techno-economics of next generation mobile networks)

Further information: Michail Katsigiannis, PostDoc researcher in Network economics, +358 45 344 5244