The European Space Agency (ESA) ARTES 5.1 project “Network Security on Multi-Spot Beam Broadband Networks for Multicast Based Interactive Systems” was completed with Final Review held at European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in October 2016. Magister Solutions and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland designed a multicast security framework on top of an interactive multi-spot beam satellite network. Designed multicast security system is based on IETF MSEC framework consisting of IPSec with Multicast enhancements and Group Domain of Interpretation (GDOI) group key management protocol. Several techniques were proposed to improve secure system performance on top of large multi-spot beam satellite network.

Magister Solutions designed and implemented an end-to-end real-time demonstrator for validating, verifying and demonstrating the multicast security solution and the proposed enhancements for improved performance over satellite networks. The end-to-end test bed demonstrator was based on Satellite Network  Simulator 3 (SNS3).