Coverage measurements with detailed location information are important asset in self-optimization of wireless networks. Already today, coarse location information can be obtained from radio measurements, for instance, using Minimization of Drive Tests (MDT) functionality. If MDT measurements are correlated with WLAN measurements, then i) location accuracy of the MDT measurements can be improved and ii) knowledge about joint coverage of heterogeneous 3G/4G/WLAN networks can be obtained. This helps to enhance and optimize network performance e.g., in network discovery and selection in LTE/WLAN interworking scenarios. Currently, there exists no standardized method to combine MDT measurements with WLAN measurements.

Within Celtic-Plus project Self-organized Heterogeneous Advanced RadIo Networks Generation (SHARING) Magister Solutions has been developing radio fingerprint positioning architecture and algorithms to combine MDT measurements with WLAN measurements. This work will be demonstrated in Celtic-Plus Event in Vienna in April 27, 2015 – April 28, 2015.

In radio fingerprint positioning demo, LTE and WLAN radio fingerprint positioning accuracy is visualized utilizing field measurements from commercial LTE network. The demo tracks several mobile users showing their exact and estimated location on top of a map utilizing novel architecture that enables combining MDT and WLAN fingerprint measurements. Positioning accuracy is shown for two different measurement configurations: i) LTE measurements on 800 MHz and 1800 MHz bands, ii) LTE and WLAN measurements.

Applications: On one hand, the demo tool provides a convenient and novel way of visualizing the content of MDT trace records. On the other hand, underlying measurement architecture for combining WLAN measurements with MDT measurements is valuable for network vendors and operators who are keen on automating the collection of radio coverage measurements of 3G, 4G and WLAN networks, for instance, for improving their radio fingerprint positioning capabilities.