Magister Solutions and VTT are designing a multicast security framework and architecture on top of an interactive multi-spot beam satellite network in a joint ARTES 5.1 project for European Space Agency (ESA). Considered satellite system assumes multi-spot beam geostationary (GEO) satellite network with transparent ‘bent-pipe’ payload and DVB-RCS2 and DVB-S2 specifications. Designed multicast security system is based on IETF MSEC framework consisting of IPSec with Multicast enhancements and Group Domain of Interpretation (GDOI) group key management protocol.
The role of Magister Solutions is focused on designing and developing an end-to-end real-time demonstrator for validating, verifying and demonstrating the multicast security solution and potential enhancements needed for satellite system. Three application use cases are considered: IP-TV, collaborative working and Internet of Things (IoT).