Analyzing current and future networks, scenarios, algorithms and protocols usually require detailed radio network simulators and often also a simulator specialist. But what if high quality, secure and independent simulation activities could be available for everyone? We listed the top 5 reasons how Magister SimLab can help your business.

Magister SimLab service integrates the whole network simulation workflow into one service. It comprises scenario and campaign design, simulation execution and monitoring, and analysis of the results.

SimLab is built on a scalable, high performance cloud-based architecture. It comes with built-in integrations to machine learning platforms allowing you to benchmark ML based solutions.

Magister SimLab is an easy to use simulation service for supporting your own product development and sales. How? It’s simple!

1. Verified and continuously developing simulation service at your service

Magister Solutions Ltd. is an independent simulation service provider. We want to enhance the quality of technology solutions in the satellite industry by making simulative solutions available to everyone.

Magister SimLab’s independent, reliable and verified simulators are the result of active research and development work. Simulators have been verified in many different European Space Agency activities and they are also used in the 3GPP related standardization process to offer independent first hand knowledge to current and upcoming worldwide standardization processes, like 5G and 6G.

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2. Do it yourself – User-friendly SimLab is complex made simple

Bringing mobile and satellite network simulations available to everyone requires a well thought user interface. Magister SimLab has made complex, technical tools simple without losing a bit of their quality.

SimLab service offers a user-friendly online simulation service. Get access to the detailed system simulators for mobile and satellite systems with an easy but efficient workflow. High technical competence is not needed and yet technical details and high accuracy are never compromised.

3. Expand your SatCom business opportunities with versatile simulation possibilities

NGSO constellations, 5G NTN, Geostationary HTS systems… The simulation possibilities Magister SimLab offers keep on growing!

Our active maintenance and upgrades make the use of the SimLab service more and more versatile. For example, to research advanced ISL routing algorithms, mobility management, and related higher layer & end-to-end performance, we have included our SCNE simulator as a part of SimLab service.

4. Boost your sales with simulations

Getting simulations done is not always enough. Through easy visualization capabilities Magister SimLab can demonstrate the network’s capabilities and support your business for example via pre-sales and demonstrations.

SimLab service includes great animated 3D-visualizations and analytics tools. You can for example simulate and visualize the exact geographical location and use a case you or your potential customer are interested in.

5. Focus on simulation use cases and result analysis

Thanks to the Magister SimLab service, you don’t need in-house experts on technical details of simulator development; results analysis; visualizations; or cloud computing. Instead, you have the possibility of getting it all in one package. You’ll even get to choose either a standard or dedicated service environment depending on your actual needs (e.g. simulative use case, level of support and magnitude of business).

Magister SimLab lets you focus on your own area of expertise and leave simulation related technical details to us. Enjoy SimLab’s user-friendly service in a secure, scalable and cost-efficient cloud environment.


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